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How To: Change themes in Apple Keynote

Presentations, whether to give a marketing pitch for work or a lecture about biomes for your class, are pretty boring as is. So to use slides that have nothing but blank, boring blue or white backgrounds doesn't exactly help to keep your audience captive.

How To: Use iWork

In this video series, watch as computer specialist Matt Nichols teaches how to use the computer program iWork. Get tips on how to use Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. Learn how to save and go between programs and how to upload Media into iWork.

How To: Apply image effects in Keynote '08

If you're looking for some quick and easy ways to apply effects to images for your presentation you can actually do them right in Keynote '08 without having to jump to another application. Of course, if you need real detailed changes, you may need something more powerful, but for general effects this tutorial will get the job done.