How To: Create flashcards with Keynote for use on iPod Touch

Create flashcards with Keynote for use on iPod Touch

In this tutorial, we learn how to create flashcards with Keynote to use on an iPod touch. First, go into Keynote and choose the flashcard with the plain white background. To format this, click 'masters' on the toolbar. Now, choose "title-center" and make the first slide the question slide and the second slide the answer slide. Double click the text box to insert text into each different card. Next, to add a picture, click 'photos' and insert a picture you already had loaded on your computer. After this go to the file menu and click 'export', making sure the images tab is selected. You will now create a new folder to save the flashcard images on your desktop. Now, click the folder and drag to add it to your iPhone. Now, under file click on 'create a new album from selection". Label the folder, then click on the create button. Your new album will show up on the left hand pane. Last, sync your iPod with your computer and you will now have these readily available.

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